Visit Fukui and Oedo+: Fukui’s Trendiest Cafe

Visit Fukui and Oedo+: Fukui’s Trendiest Cafe

You wouldn’t know it, but Fukui is abundant with trendy, hipster cafes. It may be one of the happiest prefectures in Japan, but it’s not known for its modernity and fun things to do. If you look past the dinosaurs and Oroshi-Soba and somehow stumble upon Fukui’s cafe book or instagram, then you will find that even the reaches of middle-of-no-where Obama at the southern tip of the prefecture have cute cafes where you can try your typical Japanese cafe foods like curry and noodles or even fusion dishes that look and taste good.

I’ve went to my fair share of cafes in the nearly two years that I have lived in this prefecture, so I thought, Why not review cafes? I’m a cafe-a-holic anyway? I’m so into cafes, that when I suggested, “Hey, let’s go to a cafe for lunch today?” someone once said, “Wow, you really like cafes, don’t you?”

Embracing my addiction, I ventured out like I often do on the weekend to a modern-meets-rustic cafe on the outskirts of Echizen with two of my friends. I had heard about the cafe about a year before and always said I would try it, so when one of the girls suggested a girls’ day, we all agreed that visiting Oedo+ would be perfect.


Oedo+ is a cafe surrounded by traditional houses and bamboo forests. It’s a beautifully designed cafe that still keeps its Japanese charm. The cafe is so popular that trendy young girls and guys in Fukui come before it opens in the morning to get in line for their delicious food, drinks, and products. Cafe culture in Japan is strong, and the best way to catch a little of the young crowd in any prefecture is to find a cafe. The three of us came early so we could be ready for the race to the door when the cafe opened at 11AM. We actually were a little early, so we went to the nearby cat temple to pass the time. When we returned, there were already three other groups waiting to get in.


The cafe is a little more expensive than your typical Japanese cafe, but their food presentation, freshness and flavor creativity makes the whole experience worth it. I ordered the ‘Vege Plus Plate’ while my friends ordered a sushi platter wth a latte. My meal, although labeled a “veggie plate,” came with an abundance of familiar Japanese dishes, a chicken breast, and a salad topped with in-house-made sesame seed dressing. My friends’ dishes were a deconstructed sushi plater in which you could build your own sushi with a variety of pre-shaped rice, fish and topping choices. We were amazed by the colorful presentation and arrangement of the food, but we were blown away by the taste and abundance of the meal. We didn’t get to try any dessert, but the table of Japanese women beside us tackled a deliciously large dessert waffle, so I definitely will be making more trips to the cafe in the future to try everything they have to offer.

Oedo+ is a great cafe to visit by yourself, with your friends, or even on a date. If you’re looking for fresh and natural food with Japanese flavors, trendy presentation, and a chill atmosphere surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, then Oedo+ is a must eat.

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